About Us

At Dream Weave, we are bringing two decades of expertise from the vibrant Indian Market to the global stage, we are a family business with our presence in India and Australia. We are driven by a clear and ambitious vision - to harmonize functionality and aesthetics in homes and industries worldwide. Our commitment is to provide superior-quality floor covering products, including rugs, rubber, and coir products, sourced from India's finest manufacturers. We take pride in delivering products that seamlessly blend tradition and innovation, catering to both domestic comfort and industrial resilience.

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Facing challenges in locating the ideal supplier?

Are you looking for a local partner who can manage customer service concerns quickly and effectively?

Do you value the added trust and credibility that comes with having a locally-based partner for your imported products?

Exhausted from recurrent delayed shipments that are negatively impacting your customer relationships?

Presented with excellent samples prior to ordering, only to receive substandard quality goods in your shipments?

Finding it difficult to receive timely responses to your queries regarding order status updates?

Concerned about unethical sourcing practices that could potentially damage your brand's reputation?

Compelled to maintain a sizable design team to consistently generate new developments?

Does the process of sample development take an eternity, only for the sample to arrive when the trend has already passed?

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Our Commitments

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    Partnerships that endure : Building lasting relationships with our customers, partners, and employees is a priority for us. We believe that mutual trust, transparency and respect are the foundation of successful and enduring partnerships.

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    Efficient Delivery, Every Time : We understand the importance of timely deliveries and a smooth supply chain. We prioritize timeliness and efficiency in our logistics to ensure you get what you need, when you need it

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    Tailored to You : We recognize that each space is unique, and preferences vary. Therefore, we offer flexible customization options to cater to diverse requirements and personal styles.